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Quality control is of utmost importance in the
'Perishables' export business.

Emphasis is laid on hygiene at all stages of work.
Our quality control team of officers have to monitor various
aspects of quality during different stages of crop growth.
All activities from harvesting to packaging are put through
stringent checks done by the book to ensure that our fruit
meet international Quality specifications. Fruit not meeting
quality specifications is rejected at source. Mahagrapes
prides itself on having the largest farmer base and production
capacity as well as strong infrastructure. Mahagrapes is
self-sufficient in terms of machinery, workforce and
Our quality speaks for itself. As far as quality goes,
our track record is impeccable and keeps growing by leaps
and bounds from year to year.

Our Quality control process starts from the grape growing
stage and works it's way up to harvesting, checking, packing
and shipping to the various destinations.
Our Committment to Quality:

Quality is of prime importance.
A bunch of grapes which
does not meet quality specifications is rejected and then sold in domestic markets only. Checks include measuring Berry Size, Brix (Sugar level), Colour,
free of spray deposit and heavy
soiling, removal of water berries,
small uneven and infected berries.
Quality of grown grapes:

Quality of grapes is ensured through the proper application
of fertilizers, pest control and other specified cultivation
practices. It is also ensured that the EC prohibition directive
list relating to certain mercuric compounds, organo-chlorine
compounds and other compounds are strictly adhered to.
QC officers take care to ensure
that a medium sized cluster of
uniform grapes, large sized
berries with characteristic colour,
flavour, sugar / acid ratio are

Picture : Picture of grapes in Mahagrapes carton, A picture
of Quality.
Suppy scheduling for Member Societies:

Mahagrapes plans and helps implement pruning schedules in
October-November so that grapes can be obtained at the
time when they are required by different countries. Thus,
maintaining our committment to delivery schedules.
Training and education of staff and growers:

Mahagrapes undertakes training to the growers at the vineyards about various aspects of production of grapes like
girdling, thinning, application of measured amounts of gibberellic acid and fertilizers, irrigation, scheduling and application of pesticides at regular intervals.

Removal of unwanted berries, watered, small berries and
grading bunches as per size and colour are undertaken. Those
falling short of preset parameters and standards are discarded.
Berries being checked for temperature with a temperature
checking device (Marathon)
Quality check and Supervision:

Strict supervision at the time of grading & packing to maintain
required quality parameters is done. Various instruments are
used to test the sweetness (Sugar content) and quality of the
produce using specially imported measuring devices like
temperature probes and refractometer.
Imported testers like the Refractometer & Temperature
checking devices used to
test the quality of the produce.