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 Cold storage    
Harvesting is done in the early hours of the morning when ambient temperatures are low.
Bunches of grapes are carefully placed in a single layer in crates and are kept in the shade.

Removal of unwanted berries, watered, small berries and
grading bunches as per size and colour are undertaken.
Pic: Grading.
Those falling short of preset parameters and standards are discarded.

The grapes are packed in corrugated boxes under supervised
and hygenic conditions at the farm itself and are then
transported to societies.
SO2 Pads inserted in the carton
help in keeping the grapes free
from storage fungus.
Pic: Corrugated Boxes used to pack grapes.
Transportation to Societies:

Packed boxes are transported to the Member societies in
Covered vehicles (Refridgerated / Ordinary) for
pre-cooling treatment.
The Infrastructure at one of the member societies.
Grapes are pre-cooled to 2 degrees C to prolong it's shelf life from 60 days to 90 days. Each of our member societies are provided with a pre-cooling unit.
Pic: Grapes Precooled by forced-air cooling method.
Cold Storage:

Pre-cooled grapes are then packed in corrugated boxes in 4.5/5/9 kgs and kept in cold storage. Boxes are specially designed
with perforations to allow cool air to pass through. The boxes are palletized to facilitate easy handling.

Container filling:

The 40ft. reefer containers are pre-cooled to 2 degrees C
and then are filled with the packed produce under supervision
of an Central Excise & Customs supervisor.
40ft Reefer Container
filled with Pre-cooled
grapes leaving for the port.
Sealing of containers:

Containers are then sealed at site by the Central Excise
Inspector / Superintendent.

Thereafter, the boxes containing the grapes are stuffed in the container. Prior to stuffing the conditions of the grapes are checked by surveyors appointed by the shipping companies. The container is then sealed by Central Excise and Customs Inspector.

Dispatch to destinations:

The filled containers are then transported and shipped to
various destinations as per the directives of Mahagrapes.