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Overview of The Grape Industry in India  
Indian Harvests  
Thompson Seedless Grapes  
Sonaka Seedless Grapes  
Black Seedless Grapes  
Flame Seedless Grapes  
Overview of The Grape Industry in India

Nearly 30 varieties of grapes are cultivated in India.
Fresh fruits, which include
grape, have been identified by the
Ministry of Commerce, The Government
of India, as one of the extreme focus
segments for export from India.
Principal commercial varieties are Thompson Seedless and its clones, Tas-e-Ganesh and Sonaka Seedless, Sharad Seedless (Black Seedless), Flame Seedless (Red Seedless). Thompson Seedless and its derivatives like Sonaka, Tas-A-Ganesh are popular in
Maharashtra, Northern Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh regions.
Indian Harvests:
Grapes can be harvested in India at such as time when no
grapes are harvested anywhere in the world by virtue of
double pruning and the scope to stagger the fruit pruning in
the tropical region of the country. Approximately 90% of the
area under grapes is the tropical region of the country, where
vines are pruned twice. Fruit pruning is done from July to
December to harvest the crop during December-June.
The time of harvesting grapes can be adjusted to catch the
changing period of demand in the middle East countries by
suitably adjusting the fruit pruning. Similarly by pruning the
vines in November, the crop can be harvested in April to catch
the demand in May in European markets.
Availability of required manpower for
various operations involved in the
production, harvest, and packaging
of grapes for exports is also a
strengths in India.
Technology for the production of EEC Class-I table grapes
is available in India. Grapes meeting the quality standards
for peninsular India in varying quantities ranging from
2 to 15 tonnes per hac.
Thompson Seedless Grapes:
These grapes are seedless,
sweet-tart, and crunchy.

Thomson Seedless account
for the bulk of Table Grape
exports from India.

Availability: Mid Jan - Mid April
Sonaka Seedless Grapes:
Sonaka Seedless is a Bud-sport of Thompson Seedless grapes with elongated berries. After Thompson Grapes these account for the second largest (Bulk wise) grape variety exports from India.

Availability: Mid Jan - Mid April
Black Seedless Grapes:
These grapes are seedless,
Black and make very good
Table and Wine Grapes.

Availability: January & February
Flame Seedless Grapes:
Red Flame Seedless Grapes,
are the result of a cross between
Thompson, Cardinal and other grape varieties.

Flame grapes are one of the
most popular varieties along
with Thompson grapes.

These grapes are seedless,
sweet-tart, and crunchy.

Availability: January & February